Honda EU10i suitcase generator advice

The best advice we can give is seek advice. Often we see Honda EU10i generators that have been bodged or badly repaired.

The most common problem is flywheel damage due to it being removed with the aid of a hammer or other heavy item. The magnets on the inside are glued in position so any force applied to the flywheel will dislodge or even crack them thus rendering the flywheel useless also the flywheel can become distorted.

Stator output leads worn through by flywheel, attention to the correct way of securing is important. Make sure that the leads are under the pulser coil, not over!

Stripped spark plug threads. This is preventable by inserting the plug by hand and turning in a few times, this ensures that the plug has engaged properly before tightening.

Missing spring from the motor/carburettor link. This is a very small spring but vital to stable running, without it the engine will waver due to excess slack in the link.

Missing anti-vibration rubbers and supports. Taking an EU10i apart is a bit confusing, attention to where all the bits and pieces go is important as missing rubber supports can lead to vibration damage. Please see the rubber mounts page.

Please feel free to contact us for help or advice, ask for Tony or Peter.