Honda EU10i suitcase generator flywheel and stator.

Honda EU10i rotor

Honda EU10i Stator

Used rotor £78 + Vat, New rotor £148.26 + Vat Used stator £88 +vat. New stator £156 + Vat

New and Used rotors and stators for the Honde EU10i

We at offmains have a large stock of used flywheels (rotors) and stators for the Honda EU10i.

The flywheel is a delicate item and secured with a bolt to the taper and woodruff key of the shaft so any
force used to remove it from the shaft will distort it or dislodge the magnets.
Care should be taken to use a flywheel puller, do not use a hammer or soft face mallet!

The Stator is a multipole design, care must be used when handling it, better to remove the stator and flyweel
as a complete unit by removing the 2 bolts that hold the stator to the engine if you are just repairing the engine.

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